The primary 6 has been studying about the different kinds of energy for the past few weeks. However, out of all the kinds, they focused on Electrical Energy.

Electrical energy is a form of energy resulting from the flow of electric charge.


To understand more how it works, they all made an electrical quiz board game.

The topic:

The topic of the game was ”Major Internal Organs of the Body”. The choices were Heart, Lungs, Brain, Intestines, and Stomach.

What they did:

They started cutting some wires and connecting them with the right answers. A wire was connected to the battery and the light bulb. Another one was connected to the light bulb and to the paperclip. The last one was connected to the battery and to the paperclip.

Everyone was eager to be successful with this activity. You can see that they are trying their best to follow the steps that the teacher gave them. They made sure everything was right.


These were the finished products of their work.



What Happened:


The electrical energy from the battery flowed freely through the wires to the paired paperclips when it touches the gold pins because the metal inside the wires (aluminum or copper), the paperclips, and the gold pins were conductors of electricity. This happened because a closed circuit was made. Electrons were flowing continuously from negative to positive thus making the light bulb shine if the answer was correct. Moreover, if the answer was incorrect, the electrical circuit will not be complete, so the light bulb will not shine. This was because it was an open circuit.

Everyone enjoyed this activity and learned a lot about the process of electricity. They were excited whenever they finish their quiz games. Their faces light up as the bulb does the same, signifying their success.


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