Every year there’s a poster about our town’s festival. Now you can draw a new one. Click on the picture to know more about it.



I wold like to play basketball with my friends 2
I would like to come the next step famous actors 1
I`´d like to give money to the make campaigns 1
I would like that one famous singer come to Galdakao to do a concert . 1
I would like can creators of Minecraft 1
Comes to Galdakao Lenardo de Caprio 1
I would like to be more atractions as the wheel 1
I would like to come the actors of Star Wars 1
play basketball 1
my idea is to put concerts for childrens 1
more contest and concert 1
Rock and Roll concert (Woostoctrio) my fatehrs grup 1
I would like a faumous handball player to come and play with us 1
I would like a famous basketballer to come and play basketball with us 1
I wouLd like to play basketball 1
more atracTtions, more concerts , 1
i would like to play baskETBALL WITH MY friends and MICHEL JORDAN


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