“Sweet Caroline “ is a famous song. Caroline is a nice girl´s  name. But Carolina is  a typical dessert of Bilbao. Last Saturday in” the Red square ” I ate a delicious Carolina . Do you know the ingredients to make one?. I think that it´s got sugar and…what else?.

And why its name is Carolina ?.



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  1. markelembun says:

    Hello, teacher!
    I ate a carolina in the Red Square too. I like the carolinas. I think that they are made of sugar, eggs and chocolate. The name of Caroline is because it was the name of a daughter of the pastry chef who created it specially for her.

  2. Alicia Manzanares 5a 11. says:

    I late a caroline in the Red Square too.I live in the carolina.I think that they are made of sugar and caramell.The name of the caroline is because daughter of the chef who created it especially for her.

  3. irene says:

    I already know the story of Easter