Valentine´s day is on 14th February: today. Happy Valentines to everybody!. In many countries people use to give presents, send e-cards, buy flowers for their family and friends to remember how special they are. Others  prepare Valentine´s recipes.


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  1. Maite O. says:

    friendship is important because if we are not friends we are sad

  2. Iñigo Llames says:

    Hello, I´m Iñigo. Valentine´s Day is a beautiful day because you send a card to the persons you love or to your friends.

  3. Iker says:

    Hello I´m Iker and I don´t like San valentin day, my grandma says this day is the
    corte ingles day because only are presents.

  4. asier legarreta says:

    Hello my name is Asier and adress is Legarreta.
    Valentine´s day is vary veoutiful for my

  5. jon says:

    Hello my name is Jon Stanton.
    Valentines day is very romantic

  6. maialen says:

    Hello my name is Maialen.
    Valentine´s day very spesial.

  7. Elena Penin says:

    Hello my name is Elena Penin and Valentines day is very veatifould for my

  8. BEÑAT says:


  9. ELISABETH says:

    Hello I´m Elisabeth I think that the friendship is very important because when I´m with friends I have fun and I have a lot of confidence, I feel me different.

  10. Lisa says:

    hello my name is lisa

    The Valentine’s Day is fun, beautiful, special and very romantic.

  11. Aitor Cordero says:

    Hello, my name is Aitor Cordero and i think valentines dayis bautiful for persons you love and loves you.

  12. irene says:


  13. Markel says:

    Valentine’s day is very romantic for lovers, but also we can celebrate with our best friends.

  14. Haizea says:

    In my opinion Valentine´s day is a beautiful day.
    I like to send post cards to my friends.

  15. Irati R. says:

    My opinion Valentine´s day is funny ,beautiful and romantic

  16. naroa says:

    Hello i´am Naroa Hernando. I love valentine´s day. You can celebrate with your couple and with your friends. Is good day!!

    • June says:

      Hello my name is June and today is the day of st.Valentine and for is very special,ishall have to remember every year.

  17. Alba says:

    Hello im Alba.On 14th February is Valentine´s day and EE.UU celebrate Valentine´s day.
    Valentine day is beauitiful.<3

  18. Ane Romero says:

    Hello my name is Ane Romero.I like the Valentine’s Day is a very nice day and also not only the lovers day is also the day of the friends or any person you want. Usually they give away gifts like flowers, chocolates …
    I love valentines day goodbye.

  19. Leire Zubero says:

    Hello my name is Leire Zubero. I like Valentine’s day.For me is not only the lovers day is also the day of friendship. I like Valentine’s day!!!

  20. Peio says:

    Hello, my name is Peio. I like valentine´s day because it is a special day.

  21. veronica says:

    Hello I’m Veronica. I think Valentine’s day is pretty, special,fun and beautiful.

  22. Paule says:

    Hello I`m Paule.I think Valentine`s day is very nice for lovers.

  23. Lucía says:

    Hello I`m lucia. i think that valantine´s day is very special for lovers,friends…

  24. mikel says:

    Hello, i´m Mikel. I like Valentines´s day, is very beautiful day.