…It´s Christmas in Galdakao. 

                             Look at all the Christmas lights 

                             All the streets are pretty!.

http://Christmas Comments Pictures
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 English Holiday´s homework

1. Pupil´s book: Unit 3,page 17

-Listen, read and write the the song in the notebook:

The fun adventure camp n·16

2. Read the story, page 18 and 19.

3. Activity book: Unit 3, pages 22,and 23 

     Exercises: 1,2,3,4 and 5.

4. Visit gandasenglish8. wordpress.com and use your English: play games: go to the northpole and visit Santa Claus village , watch videos…..


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  1. jon says:

    Hello I´m Jon Stanton and I want to wish all you Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. asier says:

    Hello i´m Asier Legarreta and christmas day is very happy

  3. leire says:

    Hello i’m Leire and merry christmas everyone!!

  4. alar says:

    Hello I´m Alar.I like the game northpole and merry christmas for everyone!!!

  5. naroa says:

    Hello I´m Naroa Hernando. Merry Christmas and Happy New year for everyone!!!!

  6. Veronica says:

    Hello I’m Veronica. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

  7. Peio says:

    Hello I´m Peio Ibarrola. Merry Christmas it’s fantastic I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  8. Iñigo Llames says:

    Hello my name is Iñigo, the Christmas day is very beauteful.MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYBODY and happy new year

  9. ander says:

    hello I´am Ander, like very much christmas and eat the tweleve grapes

  10. alba romera says:

    Hello i`am Alba,for my christmas is very beautiful

  11. lisagomez says:

    Hello I ´am lisa, merry christmas to every body.

  12. Aitor cordero says:

    Hello, i`m Aitor Cordero. Christmas for me are very beautiful and friendly.Merry Christmas and happy new year for everyone.

  13. Kimetz says:

    Hello I’m Kimetz I played at the northpole but, forget to do a comment. Merry Christmas, happy new year and enjoy the year, for everyone.

  14. haizea says:

    Hello i´m Haizea Ibarretxe the christmas are special days. Merry Christmas and happy new year for everybody.

  15. Markel says:

    Hello, I’m Markel. I like Christmas because I go to my grandparent’s house and we meet all the family.
    Happy New Year !!

  16. Maite O. says:

    In my opinion the christmas holidays are great but short.Happy new year !!!(2013)

  17. Nagore Ugarte says:

    Hello,I´m Nagore.In my opinion the christmas is special days.Happy new year 2013.