This link is to visit Nothingan´s castle :

In this webside you can read all about The tudors in Britain. There are Medieval games:


11 responses

  1. gorka says:

    It is falsehood

  2. LIBE says:

    robin and ady marians love but yuo help a robin

  3. iker. vidal says:

    Robin Hood lived in a tent in the wood

  4. Mario Medel says:

    Robin Hood live in Forest not in castle.

  5. sandra lopez says:

    no, robin hood live in a tent in the woods and love lady marian

  6. Irune Gutierrez says:

    No, Robin Hood lived in a tent in the wood

  7. YRAMA SIMARRO says:

    No, the legend says that Robin Hood lived hided in the Sherwood forest.

  8. IRAIA CAROU says:

    No, that is not true. Robin Hood lived in the Sherwwod forest.

  9. Aitor Emaldi says:

    No, Robin Hood doesn´t live in a castle.
    He lives in a forest named Sherwood.

  10. Jon Gonzalez says:

    Robin hood dosent´s live in the castle.Robin hood life in the forest.
    Robin hood sirb a Ricard LionHeart.
    Robin hood rob from the rich and give it to the poor.

  11. Gaizka Elorriaga says:

    No, Robin Hood live in Sherwood forest