It´s amazing!. There´re some penguins that can fly!. Don´t believe?. Watch now the video and later answer to me.


26 responses

  1. ainhoa says:

    Penguins don´t fly!!! I like penguins.

  2. olatz=txispi says:

    The penguins can’t fly.

  3. garazi says:

    They can’t fly.

  4. Iker cañadas says:

    is imposible penguins can fly? me i don´t look penguins flying.

  5. Alvaro=) says:

    Is fals. Penguins can´t fly. Imposible

  6. Iker.Elorriaga says:

    What penguins eat?

  7. MARIA .MENENDEZ says:

    Vidio is very interesing and fuuny joke.

  8. june ormaetxe says:

    The penguins are very beatifull.

  9. Gaizka Elorriaga says:

    This video is very beatifull but the penguins can´t fly because they have got wing like flipers

  10. Iñigo says:

    I like very mach the video and penguins, but penguins they can´t fly. My favourite type of penguin is a Emperor Penguin. Look.

  11. ekhi etxebarria4 says:

    I like very the video bat penguins can´t fly

  12. alex medel says:

    I like very mach the video, but penguins i can´t fly.

  13. Sergio Gómez says:

    Is imposible, the penguins they can’t fly.And a don’t like video.

  14. asiercan says:

    Penguins can not fly, that’s a video made with the computer

  15. asiercan says:

    Penguins to fly the wings would have to be larger and less weight

  16. Maia RUIZ says:

    Penguins they can’t fly, this video is a joke…

  17. Ainhoa says:

    The penguins don´t fly!!!!! This video is false!!!!!!

  18. alazne says:

    Penguins can`t fly

  19. Micaela Ronith says:

    penguins can fly but only a short time or distance. but can’t fly only a long time or distance.

  20. Ekaitz says:

    is imposibol penguins can´t fly

  21. Jon Casillas says:

    Penguins is beutiful, bat they can`t fly!¡!¡!¡!¡