Have you got a pet at home?. What´s its name?. What does it eat?. Have you got a photo of your pet?


42 responses

  1. Carnen Fernandez says:

    I haven´t got a pet, but I love cats.

  2. Juan de says:

    I don´t have any pet, but I like very much cats.

  3. asiercan says:

    I haven`t got a pets

  4. naia campesino says:

    I haven t got a pets bat i like dog

  5. Jon Casillas says:

    My i don`t have pet, bat my fauborite pet is dog

  6. Ekhi Etxebarria says:

    Is very beautifol for my.

  7. Micaela Ronith says:

    I haven’t got pet, bat I love dogs.

  8. Gaizka Elorriaga says:

    I haven´t got any pets but I like very much lions and horses.

  9. Sergio Gomez says:

    i haven’t got a pet

  10. No I haven´t but I would like have a dog. My

  11. Iker Elorriaga says:

    No I haven´t but I would like have a dog.

  12. Ainhoa Ozalla says:

    I like animals, but, I haven`t got pets at home… My favourite animals are; giraffe, koala, horse… LOOK:

    • Irune Gutierrez says:

      I haven`t got pets at home but i like animals my favourite animals, are: cat, dog, birds and horse.

  13. LIBE says:


  14. Mario Medel says:

    I like animals but i don’t pets at home. My favorite animals is bat, monkey and

  15. aitor zuluaga says:

    I haven’t got a pets by I like dog

  16. aitor zuluaga says:

    I haven’t got pets but I like a dog

  17. joseba 12 guti says:

    if I have a pet turtle but my favorites animals are a coballas, dog, cat only newborns, bulls and horses. puncture: htthttp://i.bssl.es/lohevisto/2008/10/gatos_gordos_cama.jpgp ://www.torosparatodos.tv/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/toro-y-caballo-juntos.jpghttp ://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kYEJyFByQqo/TPZ71D_YEqI/AAAAAAAAAME/5byA8bSBCk0/s400/COBAYA%2B%25281%2529.jpg

  18. Markel Atxutegi says:

    I have got a pet.It is a tortoise.It hasnt got a name because we don´t know if it is male or female.It eats the special food for tortoise but it also like eating mortadela.
    I haven´t got any photo of it.

  19. IKER VIDAL says:

    My favourite animals are: Bull, Donkey and Parrot. No I haven`t got at pets at home.

  20. Iraia Carou says:

    I haven´t got pet at home but my fabourite animal is dog.

  21. iker cañadas says:

    i havent got a pet bat i like very much the dogs bat me I want to have but my mother does not leve me.

  22. june ormaetxe says:

    I haven´t got a pet but my favourite pets are dogs, cats and fish.

  23. Yrama Simarro says:

    I´have got a dog, fish and tortoise.But my favourite animal is dog. I have not got one because my mother doesn´t like animals.

  24. xabier lopez says:

    when I was young, my two pets were fishes, but now, I haven`t got pets. My favourites are dogs and rabbits. But in my house I can`t have it.

  25. sandra lopez says:

    I have a Belgian Shepherd, called Singer and was colored black with long hair and i love horses.

  26. MARIA MENENDEZ says:

    I haven`t got pets but I like veri much dolphins

  27. MARIA MENENDEZ says:

    I dont like snakesand cats but Ilike very much horses and dog ….

  28. Saioa Romero says:

    I have got a tortoise but I like dog.

  29. garazi cabeza says:

    l have got a coballa her name is Bolita, has two months, is small, whole black with a brown stain, white collar a black ear and one brown.

  30. alvaro says:

    I haven´t got a pet but a like very much animals: dog, cat, crocodile, zebra, duck, lion, cow, tiger, jirafe, monkey, bat, frog, ostrich… fish to: eel, salmon, whale, shark…

  31. ismene says:

    I haven´t got a pet but my favorite animals cat, dog, tiger and monkey.


  32. olatz = txispi says:

    I have a dog and her name is Kenia becouse me dog is girl and… this is me dog :

  33. Aitor Emaldi says:

    I have four pets, two turtles and two ginea’s pigs. their names are Lucky, Dordi, Sua and Bigotes.
    They are beautiful.

  34. Naia Abasolo says:

    I haven´t got a pet but my favourite pets are ¨horse, dogs and cats¨

  35. Iñigo says:

    I have got a one pet. It´s a cat, a black cat. It´s name is Baltzi. My favourite pets are cats,dogs and tortoises


  36. MARIA MENENDEZ says:

    my granpaders is a dog her names is turco

  37. Maia RUIZ says:

    I haben´t got a pet but I like animals, dogs, cats …