Photo Effects. Male Gaze

I´m walking on the pavement and I can see some children. They look bored. May be the y want to play some English games. How do you feel now?. Are you bored?. Are you waiting for new English games?.


22 responses

  1. orozko varela, igone says:

    we are the favourites 🙂

  2. ibai valente says:

    it’s my photograf

  3. leire martinez montoya says:

    I saw me in the fotograph I´m in the left corner
    The assembly from the fotograph is great

  4. mikel rua says:

    the 2011 carnivals are very funny.

  5. xabier l.f says:

    very well,teacher! fantastic photografy.

  6. juan andres says:

    in the carnavals its very fantastic


    The fhotograf very viutiful

  8. leire pinto says:

    I don’t come out in the photo but is very nice. ¡i like very much!
    But you get people i know.

  9. xabier uriarte gomez says:

    great teacher, the carnivals photografy are very beautiful

  10. ainhoa martínez says:

    i´m very happy and i like very much the photo.

  11. Irene de la fuente says:

    The photografy is very beautefull.

  12. xabier l.f says:

    hello you like carnival?

  13. Danel De Diego says:

    The photograf is very nice.But old they aren,t

    apeare in the photograf.

  14. ainhoa telleria says:

    i love carnibals good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. aitana rodrigo says:

    hello teacher i like the photo!

  16. Iñigo Morente says:

    This fotograff is beautiful

  17. JANIRE says:

    the carnavals its very funny!!!

  18. Marina de la Fuente says:

    The photografy is very beautefull.

  19. Aizpea kortazar says:

    Hello teacher ,is the photografy is very very beautiful .I love carnivals day .

  20. ainhoa telleria says:

    i like very much this photografy is very funny!

  21. mikel rua says:

    We´r very beautifuful