When I was young my dad used to read me stories every night. I remember very well because I asked him to repeat the same story many times.

Some of the stories were invented and some were traditional fairy tales.

Have you got at home books that you or your family read you when you were younger?. Do you remember them?. What was the story that you liked the most?.


2 responses

  1. Asier Linaza says:

    When I was younger, the story that I like the most, was “Peter Pan”.
    Peter Pan could fly, always was happy like a child. He had got a lot of friends and lived a lot of adventue. He was very funny.

  2. Jon Zamalloa says:

    I have got some books that may parents read me when I was younger. It´s was very funny because my father gesticuled and I laughed.
    I liked pirates´stories but I liked the most the stories that my father invented to me, every day a different story.