Everybody knows that penguins  are birds. They live near the coast of South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Antartica too. But, do penguins fly?.

First watch in youtube this amazing video and later answer the question writing you comment.


53 responses

  1. UXUE murgia says:

    The penguins it doesn’t got fly

  2. ibai valente says:

    The penguinns can’t fly


  3. ibai valente says:

    The penguins can’t fly


  4. ane erdoiza says:

    the penguins can´t fly

  5. ane erdoiza says:

    I like very mach video but penguins can´t fly

  6. yes,the penguins fly in the video.

  7. leire martinez montoya says:

    hello teacher , yes, penguins can fly. I like so much penguins because they are funny. i don´t know what the people call them stupid birds. fisrt they run a little bit and then they fly in the sky in groups.

  8. asier basoko says:

    the penguins have got two wings.

  9. ainhoa telleria says:

    hello teacher
    the penguins jups , runs… but it doesn’t fly

  10. Ainara Arpide says:

    hello teacher.The penguins haven’t got wings, so they can’t fly

  11. Ainara Arpide says:

    hello teacher . the penguins can´t fly .teh pinguins have got two wings

  12. ainhoa martinez says:

    hello teacher.The penguins can´t fly.

  13. Andoni Zorrozua says:

    I don’t believe it. Penguins can’t fly.

  14. igone says:

    Hello teacher. This is lie, penguins can´t fly.

  15. alex solanas says:

    the pinguins can´t fly

  16. Iñigo Morente says:

    hello teacher,the penguins can´t fly but in the video they can fly in grups.

  17. Beñat says:

    Hello teachear.Penguins can´t fly.

  18. leyre etxebarria says:

    Yes, the penguins can fly and I want to say that the penguins are my fauvorits animals.

  19. irati arrumbarrena says:

    Hello teacher!The penguins can´t fly but in the documental the penguins can fly.

  20. unai alba says:

    hello teacher. the penguins can fly, is very biutiful. can´tgo the amazing

  21. ander lopez argoitia says:

    Hello teacher!
    I see the video.I don´t belive that penguins can fly.

  22. aizpea says:

    hello teacher!!!my name is aizpea .pinguins i love

  23. Aitana Rodrigo says:

    Hello teacher.Im Aitana.The penguins can fly.

  24. alex solanas says:

    the pinguins can’t fly

  25. Danel De Diego says:

    teacher the penguins are birds but,it dosen’t fly

  26. xabier uriarte says:

    hello techer in the video pinguins does fly, but in the reality the pinguins doesn’t fly

  27. Mikel Elorriaga says:

    HELLO TEACHER!! The penguins can´t fly

  28. Uxue Menika says:

    The pinguings have got two wings, bat can´t fly and can´t go to the jungle.

  29. iker telleria says:

    Penguins can´t fly.

  30. Maider Sanchez says:

    Have two wings but if you cat fly a littel.

  31. Maria Sanchez says:

    Hte pinguins have got two wings,bat the pinguins can*t fly.

  32. julenugarte says:

    pinguisgs inposibol fly and the junglel is dead

  33. xabier says:

    hello teacher.the penguins can’t fly

  34. I like the video,the pinguins can’t fly.

  35. I like the video,the pinguins can’t fly .

  36. the penguins yes, it does fly

  37. iker gutierrez says:

    the pinguins it doesn’t got fly

  38. Irene de la Fuente says:

    I like the video,but the pinguins can´t fly.

  39. Marina de la Fuente says:

    Ilike video, but the pinguins can´t fly.

  40. I very very like the video.The pinguins I can’t fly.

  41. eider murgia says:

    i like video, but the pinguins can’t fly

  42. aitzol egileor says:

    The pinguis I can´t fly

  43. JANIRE says:

    pinguins have got two wings but, the pinguins can’t fly

  44. xabier l.f says:

    the penguins live in south america,south africa,australia
    and new zealand,but no penguins in north america,europe,
    and asia.

  45. amaia.m says:

    The pinguings have got two wings ,bat can´t fly.

  46. june ealo says:

    the pinguings has got two wings.

  47. leire martinez montoya says:

    no teacher is a joke because it´s april fools day

  48. igone says:

    it’s a april fools day

  49. mikel rua says:

    the penguins has wings,but it can´t fly

  50. David Alberdi says:

    Hello teacher, penguins can´t fly in the reality.

  51. Lucia says:

    Hello teacher,the penguins dont fly.

  52. ander gil says:

    the video is fantastic but penguins can´t fly

  53. markel atxutegi says:

    penguins can fly