Every year we use to sing traditional Christmas songs. Here there´s one of the most famous: “Twelve days of Christmas”.

But in the second video you can watch an original version from one of the Shrek movies.

Choose your favourite and tell me because we´re going to sing one of them at shool.

http://www.northpole.com/ This is the link to go straight on to visite Santa Claus, the reindeers, play games…

Finally here it is the audio: ” Listen to the Christmas Bells song”. Do you know who are singing?.


53 responses

  1. Juliana Andrea says:

    I like very mach the second vidio, is fantastik

  2. saray says:

    Hello teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the song oh the chrismas is veri fantastic an the blog
    gut bay teacherrrrrrrrrrrr


    My oipinion is the sherk is very beutifull video and my mum says the 12 for christmas is beutifull and my ugly.

  4. Asier linaza says:

    I like more the Sherk’s song because is happiest and funniest.


    The twelve days of Christmas is butifule but the Shsrek version is the best, for my opinion.

  6. Ainhoa Basterra says:

    The twelve days of christmas is beatiful and fantastic becose is older that the other song version but Shrek 12 days of christmas version is more animated and more new.I like more than the other. Also i like Shrek version becose out many pictures animated for the song. Also I heard all versions of songs in YOUTUBE but the Shrek 12 days of christmas is my favorite among all. Shrek 12 days of christmas is the best and my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For my opinion.

  7. Ander. Etxebarria says:

    In my opinion, the two songs are fantastic but my favourite song is shrek.

  8. Jon Filler says:

    My favourite carol was the shrek´s carol the was the funyest for my.

  9. Paula Leal says:

    The twelve dys of christmas its happy but I like more the Shrek´s 12 days of Christmas because is the most funniest and the pictures it appear therae are more funnier but I like the two sings. The Christmas caroll we sing we it is very well.

  10. Elene Arenas says:

    My favourite song was the shrek 12 days of Christmas song beacouse was very animated and beatiful, bat theoter carol was beatiful also.

  11. Ainhoa Sanchez says:

    The two versions of “Twelve days of Christmas” are very beautiful. But in my opinion the Shrek version is funnier than the another version and the original version is more traditional. The Shrek version for me has a lyrics more amusing than the other version. But the two are very well.

  12. Andrea Barranco says:

    Hello,i like two versions Sherk version is very funny but I like more the firt version, it is very beautiful.

  13. In mi opinion the two songs are beautiful but I like more Shrek´s song because it´s funny and different than the other song, the other song is more formally and it hasn´t got any funny things . And this is my opinion.

  14. jon says:

    I like TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS because the tune is harminous and they sing a duet, but I like also the other one, Shrek´s song is funniest and there are more voices.

  15. Maider Goioaga says:

    The two videos are very beautiful but I prefer SHREK 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS becose is funnier than TWUELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.


    I like a shrek song because is very funny and beutiful.

  17. In my opinion, the second song of Shrek is better than the other because is very funny and is more raucous.

  18. beñat garrido says:

    In my opinion the Shrek songs mode is best than original beacause Shrek song is funny and other boring.

  19. Naroa Rojo says:

    I like very much Shrek video. I didn`t know this song!!!

  20. Eider Etxebarria 6.A says:

    I liked the two songs, but the beautifullest is the second, because, the pictures are funniest and the song is easyer.

  21. oihane says:

    Hello, i like two version sherk versiobn is veri funni but Ilake more the version
    it is veri beautiful

  22. Ane Roson says:

    I`like very much shrek video. I didn`t kouw this song is very beautifull

  23. Itziar Legarretaetxebarria Zelaia says:

    I like very mach the second video SHERK 12 DAYS FOR CHRISTMAS, but de two vudeos are very beatifull.

  24. Begoña Cordero says:

    Teacher i like very much 2 videos but the Srek video is my faborite, because is very funny, jajaja


    In my opinion the srek song is very funny and is fantastic.

  26. josu argoitia says:

    Y prefear the shrek version because is funnyer.
    But y like always the two versions.

  27. Gaizka N. says:

    I like it the Shrek version beacause is more beautiful and funny. But the another version also is OK.

  28. JON GOROSTIAGA says:

    Mi favourite song is sherk because is very beautiful.

  29. oier menika says:

    my faverito song is first

  30. Asier Benito says:

    The twelve days of Christmas is my favourite. It is fantastic song

  31. Maitane Garay says:

    My faverite song is to traditionals song

  32. ane perez says:

    My favourite song is the secong is more beatibull than frist but the frist is funny.
    This is my opinion.

  33. paule says:

    My favourite song is sherk because is very funny and beautiful

  34. In my opinion Shrek bersion is fanier than the oder bersion but the oder bersion is very beautiful.
    I like the two bersion there are bery beautifull.

  35. Alex lara says:

    My favorite song is shrek.

  36. Xabier Gil says:

    I like it the Shrek version

  37. Eider Elorriaga says:

    The twelve days of Christmas, the first video I like because is older, but this video is bouring for me, and the other video of twelve days of Chistmas is very funny and I preferide the twelve days of Chistmas of Sherk, because is more animation than the other.
    Also I like the Sherk video version.
    The Sherk twelve day of Christmas is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. iñigo garcia araujo says:

    In my opinion shrek song is fanier than the older versions

  39. asier l. says:

    I like very much the shrek vide beacuse is very fantastic and funny.

  40. asier andia says:

    I like very much the first video but the second isthe best.

  41. itzi 6.A says:

    My favourite song is the second. Because I like shrek´s video.

  42. Ane Bernaola says:

    In my opinion, the second video, are more beautiful becose is very funny.

  43. Marina Ozalla 6.c says:

    The two songs are very beutifull but my favorite song is Sreks song becose is more funny and It have funnyer pictures.

  44. ane solis says:

    I like two but the best is the second one is very original and fun
    i like very much Srek y see all hes muvies

  45. Iraide Elejaga says:

    In my opinion im like very much the second video because is very funnny to oder.

  46. ane alonso says:

    In my opinion,christmas day is a party to famili.And the shrek video is very funi!! 🙂

  47. Mikel almiñana says:

    My preferier shrek video becose is very beautiful and the oder video is not very beutiful for my

  48. ANE MENDEZ says:

    In my opinion the two are funny,but the shrek version is better than the other version.The other version is very fantasy.

  49. sandra says:

    In my opinion,The song it beutiful and fantastic, is very funny.
    The secon song of srek is funny.

  50. nerea arnaiz says:

    Im my opinion two song is fantastic but my shrek is best

  51. Andrea Diez says:

    In my opinion two song is very funny and there videos is very beautifu. A Twelve days of Chrismas is very funny 🙂
    But my fauvorite song is Shrek 12 days of Chrismas beacos is very funny and fun. 🙂

  52. laura lindo says:

    my favourite song is shrek becouse the other song is for smal childen in my opinion.the shrek song is funnyest, and the other song boring.the shrek video I like very much.

  53. Andere Fuentes says:

    The two song are very very beatifule bat in my opinion the most beautiful is Sreks song because it has a funny piktures and the video is very funny.