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    The game is very funny

  2. saray says:

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  3. Andere Fuentes Balado says:

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  4. Ane Mendez says:

    I like bery much this game, is very funny

  5. Ainhoa Basterra says:

    I love this game, I like very much.

  6. JON FILLER says:

    The game is very funny but a little bit simple.

  7. Andrea Barranco says:


  8. ane perez says:

    Teacher the game is very funny.
    good bie

  9. paule says:

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  10. Ane Bernaola says:

    I like very much this game, is fantastic!!!!!
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  11. leire martinez says:

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  12. Mikel Elorriaga says:

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  13. jon ander sangroniz says:

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  14. leire martinez montoya says:

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  15. igone orozko varela says:

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  16. Andoni Zorrozua says:

    The plays are very funny.

  17. Aizpea kortazar says:

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  18. Aizpea kortazar says:

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  19. David Alberdi says:

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  20. Ainhoa Barrientos says:

    I iike the game, it’s amazing!! I’ll recomend to all my friends!! You are the funniest witch i’ve never seen!! I like your blog so much.

  21. JANIRE says:

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  22. janire says:

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  23. JANIRE says:

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  24. I liked very mutch this game. Is very funny!!!!!

  25. Ainara Arpide says:

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  26. ibai valente says:

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  27. mikel rua says:

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    the game I´ts very fun!!