Do you like babies?. They´re lovely, funny, noisie…
We don´t remember when we were a baby but… Do you remember when you were 5, or 4 years old?.
What was your favourite place?. What was your favourite toy?.
Remember or ask at home and write about you.


4 responses

  1. Jon Zamalloa says:

    I like very much babys.
    When I was 4 years old, I was lovely and I like playing with trucks and rocks.
    I liked go to the sea and play with sale.

  2. ane solis says:

    i like bery much babies.
    mi favorite place is bizkaya i love bizkaya.
    mi faborite toy is roler i like bery much is veri funy.
    and te video is nice an funy i like bery much

  3. paule says:

    i like bery bery much babies. the video is bery funny.

  4. Ainhoa Basterra says:

    I like very much babies.
    My favorite place is Bizkaia.
    My favorite toy is roler i like very much.
    The video is very funny.