It´s difficult to describe how do we feel now . At the end F C Barcelona won La Copa del Rey in Valencia.

What´s your opinion about the footballers?.

Do you think that the   goalkeeper Iraizoz   did his best or not?. Is it difficult to be a good  goalkeeper ?. Do you want to try?. Have a go


15 responses

  1. Maria Casillas says:

    no the best is llorente please teacher the in the word

  2. Nuria Sandino says:

    The best affection,we losted with honour. Aupa athletic!!!!!

  3. jon lezameta says:

    Ari-ari-ari Toquero lehendakari
    toquero was the best

  4. jon lezameta says:

    Toquero was the best

  5. Ari, ari, ari toquero lehendakari. Toquero is the best futboller!!!!!!!!!

  6. **************Kristian************** says:

    Aupa Athletic !!!!

    Ni messi, ni agÜero, GAIZKA TOQUERO!!!!

    Athletics affection is the best.

  7. saioa says:


  8. janire says:

    barza entzun athletic txapeldun.
    Toquero and yorente are de best.


  9. ander orueta says:

    athe game is deaficul

  10. NEREA says:

    H E L L L O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. josu says:

    Athletic is the best and point. Iraizoz is the best goalkeeper, amorebieta the best defender, javi martinez, llorente and tokero the best goleers.

  12. ainhoa telleria says:

    i don’t like athletic!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ainhoa telleria says:

    the best is leonard messi!